Our Services

Computer Assistance – Windows or Mac, we can help fix problems, install or uninstall software, remove viruses or just answer questions about your computer.

Software Installation – Looking to install a particular software package, or moving to cloud based services?   We do the computer part, so you can start working.

Smart Phones – Having problems with your phone?   Switching from iPhone to Android, or Android to iPhone?  Can’t get your email set up?   Trouble installing apps?   We can help.

Internet & Networking – With 2 decades of experience in Internet and Networking, we can install and configure your wireless router, connect your printer, phone, laptop, tablet, or anything else you have.

Email & ISP – Email program configuration, domain name registration and DNS help.  If your ISP isn’t helping you get things configured, give us a call.

Website Help – Editing, WordPress installation, and other website services.


Our Philosophy

If you hire us to fix something, we do our best. If for some reason we can't resolve your issue, we don't bill you. It's that simple.