Our Services

Computer Assistance – Windows or Mac, we can help fix problems, install or uninstall software, remove viruses or just answer questions about your computer.

Software Installation – Looking to install a particular software package, or moving to cloud based services?   We do the computer part, so you can start working.

Smart Phones – Having problems with your phone?   Switching from iPhone to Android, or Android to iPhone?  Can’t get your email set up?   Trouble installing apps?   We can help.

Internet & Networking – With 2 decades of experience in Internet and Networking, we can install and configure your wireless router, connect your printer, phone, laptop, tablet, or anything else you have.

Email & ISP – Email program configuration, domain name registration and DNS help.  If your ISP isn’t helping you get things configured, give us a call.

Website Help – Editing, WordPress installation, and other website services.